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Changsha Ecological Zoo in Hunan Province







Project Name

Changsha Ecological Zoo


Project Introduction

According to the program, the land used in the project will be 5,000 Chinese mu (about 333.3 hectares). The zoo will be composed of 6 sub-regions: the animal exhibition region, scientific education region, entertainment region, natural recreation region, tourist service region and administrative service region. The zoo will adopt the pattern of other ecological zoos, i.e., the people are inside of cages or vehicles while animals can wander around the zoo freely. The theme of the zoo is mysterious, unique. It is forecasted that through admission fee, breeding of rare animals, development of agriculture and animal husbandry and management of restaurants, the zoo will achieve success on both social benefit and economic benefit.


Market Analysis

Occupies an area of 68.21 Chinese mu, Changsha Zoo is the biggest professional zoo in Hunan province which breeds and exhibits wild animals. Over 160 kinds (about 1,600 heads) of various wild animals are bred in the zoo; over 1.2 million visitors visit the zoo per year with the total income of 0.84 million dollars. Since the present zoo is very small, the caged animals can?t have enough room to walk or play around. Therefore, the zoo is very crowded in midseason and holidays. What?s more, since the present site of the zoo is in the urban area, there are many tall buildings and loud noise around the zoo, the living environment of the animals is worsening daily, which in turn has seriously affected the growth and reproduce of the animals. So, it is urgent to rebuild Changsha Zoo in a new place. In addition, at present, in Hunan province there is no large professional complex zoo, which integrates visiting and recreation, food-serving, breeding of rare animals, and development of agriculture and animal husbandry. With the development of tourism at home and abroad, people has more and more requirements to materials and cultural life, which provides a benign business opportunity to this project.


Construction Scale

According to the program, the land used in the project will be 5,000 Chinese mu (about 333.3 hectares). 3,000 Chinese mu of land will be developed in the first stage; 2,000 Chinese mu will be developed in the second stage.


Financial Analysis

The total investment in the zoo will be 480 million yuan ($57.83 million). In the first stage, 3,000 Chinese mu of land will be developed and 250 million yuan ($30.12 million) will be invested. In the second stage, 2,000 Chinese mu of land will be developed and 230 million yuan ($27.71 million) will be invested.

After the operation of the project, it is estimated that the annual income from admission fee, restaurant service, breeding of rare animals, agriculture and animal husbandry will be $13.25 million. All the investment will be paid back in 5-6 years.


Cooperation Way

Since the construction investment is rather large, various channels of funds are needed. The specific pattern of cooperation can be negotiated.



Unit name: Changsha Zoo

Address: Muyun town, Changsha county, Changsha city, Hunan province

Liaison person: Liu Jiali, Wen Na, Wu Fangxin, Feng Jian

Tele: 0086-731-8666273    5685908

Zip code: 410013   410005

Email: csslyj@hotmail.com

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